erica homeyer

I am a wife, hairstylist, and most importantly a mother to 4 small children, a crazy 4 year old son and triplet (2 girls/1boy) 2year olds! When a girlfriend invited me to an ItWorks! wrap party I won't lie I only went because she said she would be having wine at the party! I am so happy I went, I decided $25 to try a wrap was worth it even if it didnt work no big loss, I at least would get a night out with some girlfriends, well after wearing the wrap for about 45mintes my pants were lose and my stretch marks were faded!!!! I have always gone to the gym and tried to take care of my body but after having my babies my stomach was not the prettiest. No matter how many abs workouts I tried I could never get my mid section looking nice. The night I went to my girlfriends party I came home and showed my husband my stomach and he couldnt believe how different it looked. I am excited to bring this product to friends and clients because it really did work for me. I am excited to introduce people to the supplements, shakes, and many other products that ItWorks! offers.

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